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        Shanxi Coal Import & Export Group Co., Ltd. (SCIEG) was founded in 1980, headquartered in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province. With the spectacular development over 30 years, SCIEG, a small coal trading company decades ago, has grown into a multi-industry conglomerate with a market value of over a hundred billion RMB. As one of the only four companies in China that own the franchise of coal exports, domestic coal distribution of qualifications and rail transport plans separate right in China, SCIEG is also one of the seven major enterprises to implement coal resource integration and provincial transformation comprehensive reform pilot enterprises assigned by Shanxi Government. In 2009, SCIE (Shanxi Coal International Energy Group Co., Ltd.) one of SCIEG’s subsidiary corporations, was successfully listed on the A-share market and became the first enterprise in the domestic coal industry to achieve the holistic listing of the main business.


        Over the years, SCIEG remains in the list of "Top 500 enterprises of China", " Top 100 coal enterprises of China", "Top 50 coal output enterprises of China", and "Top 500 Service enterprises of China ". There are Shanxi Coal Industry , Shanxi Coal International Energy, Shanxi Coal Investment, Shanxi Coal Real Estate, Shanxi Coal Technology and Shanxi Coal Agriculture six sections. SCIEG owns and controls 102 subcompanies and 21 share companies with 16,000 employees. Through fully developing coal production, coal trade, financial investment, real estate, technology research and development, agricultural development, non-coal trade, hotel services and marine transportation and other diverse industry, the total assets have exceeded 86 billion RMB.




        SCIEG has 20 collieries located in Datong, Xinzhou, Jinzhong, Linfen, Changzhi and Jincheng, with a total annual design capacity of 30 million tons. SCIEG has formed four large coal production bases for thermal coal, coking coal, anthracite and semi-anthracite coal. Based on modernization construction and security management, production and operation of collieries are on the top level. SCIEG has 80 coal dispatching stations with an annual shipping capacity of more than 100 million, an annual port transition capacity of over 50 million tons, and a shipping capacity of 600,000 dwt. With companies covering nine major ports in Qinhuangdao, Jingtang Port, etc, SCIEG has the coal storage and distribution base in East China, Central China and South China. By covering the main coal-producing areas and the important transport lines and taking advantage of the main port, SCIEG forms an independent distribution network of the coal trade to establish a long-term and stable trade cooperation relationship with many domestic and foreign customers.


        Standing at a new historical starting point, SCIEG will continue to follow the instructions of the provincial government and the provincial SASAC. Based on the scientific analysis of economic development laws and competitive advantage, SCIEG grasps the current strategic development opportunities and builds corporate vision of "Innovation SCIEG, Green SCIEG, Happiness SCIEG, Centennial SCIEG". In addition, SCIEG will focus on the best economic benefit and construct the best cash flow service system, thus comprehensively enhancing the management level, which the most important are “four transition" of industries, products, marketing mode and profit and "two innovations" of technology and management. Besides, SCIEG unites and leads all cadres and staff to work hard and advocates the coal-based, diversified development, recycling economy policy. SCIEG is on the way to perfect coal business, coal product, trade industry and enterprise development foundation. SCIEG will also build high efficient modern mines and accelerate upgrade to nurture new economic growth point. Starting from the global competition strategy, SCIEG will make progress to become one of the top level modern energy conglomerates.